About Us

The foundations of the MAYA Group were laid in 1949 by İlyas Özsüer, and it became a full-fledged company in 1958. In its early years, the Group was primarily engaged in the thread and fiber raw material trade industry as well as several other industrial sectors.

Since the 1970s, the real estate industry has been the primary focus of the MAYA Group, now one of Turkey’s leading developers of residential buildings, office spaces, and shopping malls.

The company began to grow more rapidly in 1984 with the inclusion of second-generation management and completed its corporate development process under the roof of MAYA Holding in 1999, maintaining its family company values. As from 2003, the Group added retail and service sectors to its business line-up.

Our Vision

MAYA’s corporate vision is mainly to maintain its reputable position with its high-quality products and services in the primary sectors it operates. MAYA aims to extend to overseas under such vision.

Our Mission

MAYA Holding’s mission is to continue its operations with an approach that creates value for its customers and partners, is respectful to its employees, fair to its suppliers, and sensitive to environment by providing the best service with its corporate management that abides by moral values in its fields of operation.