Human Resources Policy

Our Corporate Values

Values that guide our behaviors and decisions in our company are our focus. Our values show us the right way while deciding or taking action on a matter. Our values serve as a power that connects and brings us together.

a. Togetherness and Enthusiasm

Any work conducted in MAYA Group Companies will never be a single-person job. It is a teamwork to be defined with collaboration of people that work towards the same target and respect for each other’s efforts, and everybody matters to us.

b. Continuous Desire for Renewal

Nothing is stable in life except for change. We all work to create a change.

c. Dynamism and Fastness

Today’s economy and competition conditions require being fast and agile in order to ensure persistent growth. We focus on fastness and agility in our decisions and actions without compromising quality.

ç. Cost-Consciousness

We all want to reduce costs and use company resources carefully. We believe that saving is a social task.

d. The Will to Accept and Delegate Responsibility

Our employees do not think of accepting and delegating responsibility as a burden. That is a privilege, a duty to us. Not to hesitate making mistakes but also not to repeat the same mistake as well as to behave in accordance with the regulations and rules of the company must be our greatest target.

e. Modesty and Willingness

It means that we respect our colleagues and their opinions, and we listen to them. It is important to remember to respect our competitors and that we can strengthen our position in the market only when we are better than them.

f. Simplicity

Adoption of simplicity in our behaviors and solutions. Efficiency, common sense, and acting naturally.

g. Leadership Through Exemplariness

No method is more effective than a good model. As a leader, behave toward your team as you would like your manager to behave toward you.

h. Courage to Be Different

It is considered courageous to be willing to try solutions other than the traditional and ordinary ones as well as making a difference at work.

ı. Efforts to Stay Real

It is required that we care about our job and not to miss any details. What matters is to apply what we say in daily life.

i. Importance of Being on the “Way” at All Times

It is feeling more excitement on the way to an objective, than in achieving the objective itself.